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Dr. Jennifer Mankoff is an Associate Professor in the Human Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. She earned her B.A. at Oberlin College and her Ph.D. in Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Her research enhances the human experience with technology. Her goal is to combine empirical methods with technological innovation to construct middleware (tools and processes) that can enable the creation of impactful applications. Most recently, this work has focused on 3D printing and its potential for creating custom assistive technologies for people with disabilities.

Past Work

My bachelor’s of arts was done at Oberlin College, where I was a member of two great societies — FOO and ACM. I received my Ph.D. as a member of the Future Computing Environments research group in the College of Computingat Georgia Tech , Gregory Abowd and Scott Hudson were my advisors. I then spent three formative years at UC Berkeley as an Assistant Professor working with the I/O group.My “Academic genealogy” on the Abowd side.


I love to teach, and have put significant time into curriculum development over the years.

  • I am currently developing a new course on data centric computing, called The Data Pipeline. The course is accessible to novice programmers and includes a series of tutorials that can support independent online learning.
  • I helped to redesign the HCI Masters course User Centered Research and Evaluation, specificalyl bringing a real world focus to our skills teaching around contextual inquiry
  • I developed an online course specifically for folks who want to know enough program to be able to prototype simple interfaces (targeted at our incoming masters students). The course is available free online at CMU’s Open Learning Initiativeunder “Media Programming”
  • I developed and taught the Environment and Society course over the last five years. This was a project oriented course that took a very multifaceted look at the role of technology in solving environmental problems.
  • I helped to develop a reading course that is required for our PhD students to ensure that they have depth in technical HCI: CS Mini
  • Assistive Technology: I developed and taught one of the first Assistive Technology courses in the country (specifically from an HCI perspective), and I used a service learning model to do so. Original class
  • I have helped to revamp Process and Theory over the years, a skills course intended for our first year PhD students.
Other Thoughts and Links
  • internships for grads/undergrads
  • advice about searching through literature, doing reviews, etc.
  • Funding opportunities for grads and undergrads.
  • Best conference experience ever: The CHI2009 Straggler’s Seder

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Things I love (below)


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Picture of my children, Kavi and Elena Artwork I’ve done My ergonomic viola
My Husband, Anind

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My Husband My dogs: Demi, Nugget, Gryffin

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